Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have been taking a photography class every Tuesday for the last 5 weeks. I am bound and determined to learn how to use my new SLR camera before my honeymoon to Greece in July!! Ofcorse the courses started exactly one week after my bike accident. I was unable to lift the camera with my right arm, let alone lift my right arm high enough to push the picture taking button, but I went to the classes anyway because I had so much to learn!
I have been loving my Tuesday evenings in the college and as a "continuing ed" student. It has been a long time, since I've sat on that side of a desk!
Every week we are given homework, an experiment to try with our cameras. This week we were learning to use our cameras in the dark and to adjust the shutter speed and aperture so that we could let in the right amount of light to get the picture we want.

I was excited as I am finally physically able to lift my camera and take pictures! I can actually do my homework!! yay!!! I picked a dark night, closed the blinds in our bedroom, set up my tripod and begged Marty to be my helper. In the name of art, he sat on the bed, held a candle and waited for just the right moment, before making circles around himself so that I could capture the swirls!!! I was clicking away when I heard Marty yelp!
Turns out the HOT wax from the candle was dripping all over his bare chest! Because it was so dark, he couldn't see the candle wax dripping. When we turned on the lights, we noticed it was not only all over poor Marty, but all over the white carpet!!! ooooops, well, at least we can say it was done in the name of art! He he!

The experiment didn't really turn out, I didn't get any amazing shots, but Marty wouldn't help me anymore, so the pic at the top of this post is all I got....

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