Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today we held a duct tape challenge. We invited students in grades 6,7 and 8 to participate. They formed teams of 4, choosing their lightest team member to hop up on a chair with their back against the wall while the other three used as much of the four rolls of duct tape they could in 15 minutes to tape them to the wall. After 15 minutes we had them pull the chairs away to see who stayed stuck to the wall the longest!! Sooo much fun!!!
It came down to 2 girls, one in grade 6 and one in grade 7 who stuck to the wall for over 25 minutes! Eventually the younger girl began to slip causing some of the duct tape to pull tight across her neck. Her team mates, feared she might choke and removed a couple pieces of tape, which eventually led to her demise. The 7th grade girl would have stayed there all day if I had let her! Her team was awarded the championship medals made out of duct tape!!!

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Nicole said...

fire games and duct tape challenges! can i come to your class..........?!