Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Scout, in the van, preparing to drool in my lap.  Good thing she is cute, she usually gets away with it! :)

Scout, frolicking in a swamp, the same swamp that Marty sucked the 54 dollar flip flops off Marty's feet.  The swamp she frolicked in before getting back into the van to drool in my lap!

We're going on a road trip!  Tomorrow, Marty, Scout and I will pile into our van and head down the road! We'll be aiming to be in the Grand Tetons, (which Marty likes to remind me, means, Big Tits, in French) in Wyoming by Saturday.  We'll hook up with Aim, Shane and Jasper (their adorable dog) there.  From there we'll spend a big 
chunk of our road trip experience with them! :)
I have a love/hate relationship with roadtrips.  I am the girl sitting in the passenger seat, bare feet up on the dash, singing at the top of her lungs to the great tunes blasting through the speakers. The carefully selected "road songs" that have been strategically downloaded on the ipod really set the mood for the long hours in the van.  I am the girl that keeps the space between the two front seats stocked with never ending supplies of: spicy nuts, trail mix, grapes, beef jerky, jelly bellies, pistachios and chips.  I am the girl that keeps the cup holders full of water, ice caps, or Gatorade.  I am the girl that rubs the shoulders of the dedicated, patient driver.  I am the girl that occasionally leans to the back and pets the dog on the head.  I am the girl talking non-stop, making sure there are no uncomfortable silences.  That is the "Fun Jeanne" that usually shows up on all road trips, but if I am being honest, there is another Jeanne that shows up, after like, half and hour or so on the road.  
After all the good songs have been played, the snacks have made me gassy and the drinks have made my eyes float.  That Jeanne, is the girl whose sticky, stinky feet start falling asleep on the dash.  The girl who gives up singing and just tries to fall asleep. The one who has to gather up all the twist ties from the bags of nuts, and trail mix and try to find somewhere to stash them. The one who has to toss out the grape stems, jerky wrappers and pistachio shells at all the gas stations, after taking the dog for a "poop" walk before being allowed to finally relieve myself. The one who has to pee in every town we pass thanks to the water, ice caps and gatorade.  The one who wishes the dog would just stay in the back, on her bed, and quit creeping up between the seats, drooling in my lap. The one who starts to get annoyed at her own voice because even she can't listen to her BS anymore!!!
Ah, the joys of road trips!!!  Good
I will let ya all know how this one went when we get back, in 10 days!!!

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Country Girl said...

Drive Safe! Have fun - will miss you!