Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is the picture of a girl who 
needs an acreage!!
Our never ending quest to find an acreage continues....a couple of days ago we went to the rural community of Priddis,south and west of Calgary, to check out an acreage we had seen listed on MLS.  The house, built in 1960 had some rennos and an addition put on in 2004. It sat on 5.5 acres of land, and was listed for under 600 000$! The asking price was still out of our price range, but it was the most affordable thing we had seen in a long time, so we decided to check it out.  Our realtor, Joe, whom I refer to as the "dream killer," (he has this way of pointing out all of the negative aspects of a piece of property, all of the horrible things, I like to pretend I don't see,) met us out at the property at 2pm. The location was perfect, the scenery was breathtaking and the outside of the house looked promising, except the carport.  I guess a carport is a garage with no walls, just a roof, and this one was full of junk.  All kinds of junk, stuff that you would think, someone trying to sell a house, would at least organize or try to hide.  Despite the piles of cans and newspapers and buckets and engine parts scattered on the floor, we could see potential.  We could easily add some walls and install a garage door, voila, a two car garage could be created here!  The garden, it turned out had not been rototilled in ages and was not even on the listed property, though it looked like it was.  Apparently, it sits on the "no man's land" that exists between the actual property line and the neighbour's fence.  But Dave, the neighbour, is really nice and there's never been a problem. The grass gets mowed, I assume by Dave and no one uses the garden.  The fence that belongs to the house we were looking at, is kind of mixed in with the neighbours fence, creating one giant perimeter fence, no cross fencing and no one really seems to know where one pasture starts and another one ends.  The neighbours all throw some horses into the big pasture to keep the grass down so wild fires don't start! Like, what? "Oh Dave won't care if you want to throw your horse out there too...".  We found out all about "Dave" from the owners, who were awkwardly home while we were there, doing our walk through.  I gotta say, they were very honest and willing to talk, but serioulsy, if you are trying to sell a house, why sit at the kitchen table and SMOKE, while potential buyers are walking through?????  Gross!!!! I was repulsed!  The house had some potential, it was kind of cute, but honestly, if we are going to pay what this place was listed for, then we needed to be able to just move in.  For a price tag that huge, we are looking for something with less "potential" and more "move right in and live!!"  Our quest continues.....

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