Monday, August 17, 2009


Can you see the rainbow? I took this through the van, we never did find the pot of gold, it sure wasn't in SandPoint......
I named my GPS navigation system, Delilah.  I love Delilah.  Ever since she came into my life, i have had an independence in this city that I never knew I could achieve!  My favorite part about Delilah though, isn't her uncanny ability to get me to any hole in the wall destination, I might choose.  It's the part, where, when she asks me, "Where to?" I can just hit the button that says, home, and no matter where in the city, the country or the world for that matter, I am, Delilah will offer me directions and an estimated time of arrival, to my front door!  We used Delilah's help on our trip too.  We used good old fashioned paper maps too, but for conformation, we used Delilah.  We would type in something like, Yellowstone, and she would say, "continue for 275 kilometers, then turn right."  As we approached the indicated intersection, Delilah would offer another verbal reminder, "Turn right now."  I love that Delilah provided times of arrival too, that way I would know exactly how much longer I had to sit in the van, where to time my "pit stops" and when we would have to stop to let Scout out for a drink or a piddle.  Delilah, didn't like it when we turned off her route.  If we chose to turn into a gas station, or go through a town instead of around it, Delilah would start to panick! Her screen would start swirling the map around, and she would screech, " 300meters turn right, then right, then right," or "recalculating...." She would continue to say "recalculating, recalculating, recalculating..." until I couldnt' stand it anymore, and I'd unplug her.  It is weird that I would feel bad for her, the electronic device.  For some reason, I hated that she didn't understand that we just needed fuel and a chocolate bar, that we weren't obnoxiously ignoring her.  I also go through feelings of guilt when I  unplug Delilah, before reaching my final destination. I feel like I am using her, like I only need her for part of my journey, but I wont take her the whole there such a thing as GPS emotional abuse???

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