Thursday, July 24, 2008


What? Did I just see a cow dressed up as Ronald McDonald? I wish you guys could see this and if I hadn't lost the cable allowing me to empty my pictures daily from my camera onto my computer, I would post a picture of it for you to see!
Tonight is the stag for the "groom to be", the reason we are here in Toronto. Marty is out with the boys and I have been left to "entertain myself." I am actually happy to have some time to just explore the area near our hotel. We happen to share a street corner with the McDonald's corporate offices. The building is tall and beautiful as far as buildings go. I mean the lawn is immaculate and the McDonald's Corporate sign, no it's not a big yellow M, stands proudly, surrounded by beautiful flowers. Then just when you are wondering if this could really be McDonalds, THE McDonalds, you see, right at the entrance to the building a giant, statue of a yellow cow wearing big read shoes and a red hat! All doubt fades and you know for sure, this can only be THE McDonalds!! The whole thing seemed quite random, now if I were in Calgary, a statue of a cow wouldn't seem quite so "out there" but this, well this was just weird, made me laugh out loud! Seems a shame that Marty wasn't there to see it and share in the laugh and now I can't even share it with you since the picture is stuck inside my camera!!!!
Damn, I thought I was being so clever bringing that camera cord. I figured it is best to empty the card onto the computer daily incase somethig should happen to my camera, then at least I'd have most of the pictures of the trip. Our van got broken into in May while we were in Kelowna and our camera got stolen, along with a lot of other things! I was heart broken about the camera, all the pictures we had taken, were gone. The ones I was saddest about losing were the ones Marty had taken of me in my adorable lulu lemon running skirt (b-day gift from my sisters) and matching top that I had worn to run the 1/2 marathon in Penticton in the day before. The race itself was horrific for me, but the outfit made me look like a superstar, or at least I imagine it did, I wouldn't know for sure since the camera was stolen!
Hey, that reminds me, I had another camera stolen once. I was actually selling it at our Garage sale. I had it sitting on one of the tables with the memory card, battery charger and all the cords. I had gotten a newer one and was hoping to get at least 100 bucks for this one. A lady had been checking it out, she'd asked me a couple of questions about it and then left. I noticed she had come back later and was talking to Marty about it. He left her looking at the camera, and came to ask me if I still had the box for it. I figured she wanted to know and that he was asking for her, but ofcorse I didn't have the box, I am not one of those people who keeps the original wrapping for every purchase I make. Marty, on the other hand IS! Wow, you should have seen the boxes he produced when we were packing to move him out of his Red Deer house! He must have had a whole room dedicated to "box storage!" I mean it, he had the box for his TV, for his microwave, for his pots and pans, lamps, dishes, hell, he still had the little cardboard dividers in the box for his mugs, unbelievable!!! Anyway, when marty and I finished talking about the camera box, the lady was gone and so was the camera! Who does that? Who steals from a garage sale????? Grrrr!
Today we went to the hockey hall of fame and we got to see the Stanly Cup and a whole lot of other hockey memorabilia! It was fun to see Marty so excited about everything, he was like a little kid, it was adorable! He played the virtual shooting games, tried to "call a came" and played "producer." He had a lot of fun and I had fun watching him have fun! I also took a trip down memory lane, remembering how fun it was to watch Oilers hockey with my dad. He'd get so wound up, he'd stamp his feet and yell, it was really exciting back then, when the Oilers had Gretzky!
The weather has been crappy the whole time, but tomorrow they are calling for sunshine, here's hoping!!!
Since I couldnt' post a new picture, and most of you are probably tired of the deer's ass, I have posted a picture of Marty and I huddling in a phone booth to escape the rain, it is from Montreal, since I could access those pictures.

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