Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chicks kissing!

Bonjour, alo, bonjour! I am writing you from Montreal, where, within our first hour here, we saw two girls kissing....EACHOTHER!!!! I am not homophobic or anything, it's just that I have little experience with same sex couples! I am getting used to the very public displays of affection though, between both male couples and female ones, it is common occurance here in the "Gay Friendly" (the tour book's words, not mine) part of Montreal, where Marty, unknowingly, booked us into a B&B! The B&B is adorable though, and there is another couple staying here too, a lovely, gay male couple...yes, we have become a minority couple!!

After getting over the initial shock this part of town can present to two people who have just left "Red Neck" Alberta, we headed down to Sainte Catherine Street where the "Just for Laughs Festival" was in full swing! There were street performers, mini shows and comedians everywhere! We found a big stage where a Break Dancing competition was happening, that's right a Break Dancing competition! This was fantastic! 2 teams of guys dressed in baggy jeans, long T-Shirts and backwards baseball caps, would come on stage. Each team would take a side and the host would say into the mic, "DJ, drop the beat!" I loved that part, "DJ, drop the beat!" Then one guy would go to the middle of the stage, bust some incredible moves, dance over to the opposing team, raise his arms as if to say, "let's see what you got!" and the next dancer would take the stage! It was fantastic, those guys are good, the way they can spin themselves on one hand is amazing! Just as I finally got a spot in the front where I could actually see, the skies opened up and it started to pour rain! We took refuge in a pub, but after a couple blond pilsners and a couple glasses of red wine, we realized the rain wasn't gonna quit! We decided to make a break for it and head back to our "Gay Friendly" B&B.

Tonight we have tickets to see Jimmy Falon, should be fun!

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Andi said...

Hi cuz, It is fun to read about you as we have been playing phone tag for so long! You are such a great writer! Luv ya