Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Is this art..because to me it looks just like a lady with her feet stuck up a deer's ass! How does this even happen? How does Bambi's sister wind up with a woman's lower limbs lodged in her hind quarters and how the hell does it end up in an art gallery in Canada's capital city??? Crazy! I certainly don't claim to be an art expert in any way, shape or form, but...wow! This comment was not meant to offend the "artist" but was simply the observations of an uneducated tourist trying to be scholarly by checking out a museum while on vacation.....

Another thing I don't understand: Hotel Room bathrooms. Why do they make them sooo small and why not put fans in them??? How often are hotel rooms shared by couples? Often enough that hotel chains should splurge on fans for the bathroom!!! It's not the possibility of foul smells that worries me, by now I am used to that. It is the possibility of hearing "sound affects" that makes me uncomfortable! I know, I know, everyone farts, and I've heard Marty "toot" before and he has most definately heard me, we are at the point in our relationship where that isn't a big deal! It's just that, for some reason, I don't like him to hear me when I am having "magic," (yes that is what we like to call it.) Even at home, whether there are going to be "bells and whistles" or not, I walk in the bathroom, turn on the fan and relax! Here though, I feel like I need to turn on the TV, or crank the air conditioning, do anything to create white noise so that I can feel like Marty can't hear me....weird, I know, but true!
On top of all of that, does anyone else find it nearly impossible to shave your legs in such tiny showers? I am not sure Marty actually appreciates the balancing act required to get silky smooth legs while on vacation! The whole process usually involves standing on my very tip toes to reach the shower head in an effort to redirect the water that is always pouring out of the nozel at an irritating angle, an angle that causes the water to wash away the shaving cream as soon as it has been lathered on my leg. Unfortunately the shower heads are often NOT adjustable, and if they are, there is usually only one angle, (the irritating one it was already at,) where water doesnt spray out of the shower all over the bathroom floor! This creates the puzzle of figuring out exactly which way I can stand, lean over, take a swipe with the razor, rinse it off and go back for my next "swipe" before the water sprays off the shaving cream that is left on the part of the leg that I havn't yet shaved. I hate it when the cream gets washed off before I actually get to shave, how the heck am I supposed to know where I've already shaved????? See what I mean, it is complicated!!!!

Enough complaining! Our room at the Indigo Hotel is very nice and despite the lack of fan, we have a very loud TV and an air conditioner that rattles at a deafning pitch.....perfect!

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Sharla said...

bathrooms eh? try coming to china where in some small areas you squat over a flippin trough with no privacy. that's right...first one or 2 chinese women are staring at you but once word gets out that there is a foreigner in there....I mays well be on you tube. thank god I have never had to go number two or changed a tampon..god....it would be pandemoniun in there! :)

fun to read all your blogs jeanney! I love all the details. sounds like you're living a fun adventure down there in cow town. keep it up, sista!!