Monday, December 3, 2012


GRRR! I have been putting off writing an entry here on my Blog as everytime I try to put a picture on my blog, a pop up window informs me that i am out of photo storage space. What? I didn't even know it was storing the pics anywhere? In fear of losing my favs, I have actually selected my blogs about Ryder (from pregnancy announcement until last month) and am having them printed into a "baby book" just because I think I recorded more on this blog than anywhere else, but now I still can't put pics on. It's really no fun to read blogs without pics, so while I work out this little problem (oh, don't worry, I can purchase more space for a monthly fee..what? A monthly fee? No thanks) I may not be posting very often...oooo, maybe I will start a new blog, one that can begin with this pregnancy announcement:

We are expecting!!!!!!!!! Little "Peanut" is due April 20th! Ryder is going to be a Big brother and he's going to have to share Scout and "uncle Dirt" with his sibling.  So far, at 20 weeks little Peanut is active and healthy!  I've heard the heartbeat and had an ultrasound pic!  soon as I can put pics up here again, I will show you!!!
I am excited to write about the Wright Family as our adventures continue and our Family grows....stay tuned, I just may start a new blog with a new "address" just so that I can put more pics up!!! 

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saramsay said...

Hooray for little Peanut!! That is very exciting! Hope you are feeling good! Congrats to you all!!