Friday, December 14, 2012


Today, my heart is soo heavy. I feel so much sadness and pain for the children, the babies of the school in Connecticut that lost their lives today at the hands of a maniac.  I feel sooo much sadness for the Families of those children, for the community and for the future.....this horrific incident comes on top of a horrific week at my own school. A third grader was found passed out  in the bathroom on Wednesday. He was non-responsive once discovered and remains in critical condition in the hospital today.  The first teachers on scene administered CPR and everything was done to try to breath life  into this child's body.  I hate that we don't know any facts about his status, but I respect that the family has way more important people to keep in touch with than the school...but the wondering, the wondering, if he will live, if he will be brain damaged, if he will be back to school...ever is weighing on all of us...I couldn't leave the building and get to Ryder fast enough after work today, and I am sure many parents, no matter how far removed from all of these incidences felt the same...when it comes to our children, we all kiss them good-bye in the morning expecting to kiss them good-night again at the end of the day.  I  feel soooo lucky that I got to kiss Ryder good-night tonight.  I did not want to let him go. I had a hard time leaving him in his crib, I almost just wanted to crawl right in there with him.  I feel such a strong urge to hold him and never ever let him leave my arms....
My heart breaks for those parents who did not get to tuck their own children into bed tonight. 

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