Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's Wednesday. I've made it through "hump day!"
I still havn't cleaned a thing in my house, and 10pm, my target bed time is rapidly approaching, however, I am taking the time to post some random pics because posting pics is way more fun than cleaning and sleeping!!

 Spagetti Dinner...still messy!

 He does this to himself. LOL

 Everytime I turn around, Ryder is snuggled up to Scout!

 Nearly naked finger painting! 

Ryder loves "horsey" magazines and his Auntie!
 Yep, it's messier and it takes longer and sometimes I get distracted and screw it up, but baking with Ryder is an experience guaranteed to provide a few laughs!

Ryder's favorite toy is a bus, my Oncle Terry gave him for Christmas.  Seriously, he is obsessed with the bus!!

 Mom took Nic and I to Cavallia. Incredible show!! Thank you, Mom!! (yep, Nic, I cut you out of this pic, believe me, you would have wanted to be... :)  )

Sharing the magic of horses with Mom and Nic!


Nicole said...

Hope you are finding your balance. Even when you don't try, I'm pretty sure Ryder thinks you are superwoman! Take care of yourself and my adorable nephew :) (He is even cuter now that he can say Auntie!)

saramsay said...

Cute!! I love how much hair he is getting and all the messy fun!