Monday, September 3, 2012


Tomorrow is the first day of school with kids. As Teachers, we've been back for 4 days already, but tomorrow, the kids will join us in our classrooms. I consider this to be "New Years." For me, this is really like the start of a new year. New kids, new subjects (gr.1 Health,) no "Music" classes, thank God, new schedules, new supervision and new friends! I usually try to make a few "resolutions" just as normal people do Jan.1st.  This year, I am resolving to find a better balance between being a mom, being a teacher, being healthier, making time to exercise and being a wife. I am pretty good at being a Mom, but the rest, I'll admit I have kinda let slide.  I am excited to see all of the kids, but I am really sad summer is over.

I have not made time to Blog lately. We decided to spend the long weekend at home, doing nothing. I explained to Marty, that I needed time to get ready for school. He thought I meant I was going to be at school all weekend, preparing. What I actually meant was that I needed time to rest. Time to do NOTHING, so I can start tomorrow fresh and full of energy.  I'd say, "mission accomplished!"

I spent some time loving my boy, Dirt.

Ryder spent some time loving this stuffie someone left at the barn for us.  He is convinced it is a horsey, magic horn or not! :)
 We did some shaving cream painting.

I tried to read stories to Ryder. He actually crawled off my lap, and went to read with Scout. 
We played with Scout in the park.
 Ryder climbs on everything like it's a "horsey." Good thing Scout is a good sport. 

We went to a birthday party and shared our party favor (the wings) with Scout.

And now, we are both ready for tomorrow.  Bring it on!!

Count your blessings. Kiss your babies and take a day to do nothing!!

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saramsay said...

I have always gotten excited for the first day of school, when i was a kid and as a teacher. I kind of always thought of it as a new beginning too! This year it is all together different, I am not going back, but Wil is starting preschool!! The teacher in me is so excited to be a part of this side of things, and Wil is SOOOOOOO excited. The mom in me is so nervous though, it will be his first time without me (mine without him) and in someone else's hands! Good luck to you and wish me luck too!