Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Last weekend, Marty and I both had the flu. The "both ends" kind of flu if you know what I mean.  It started Thursday night, after Ryder was in bed. Marty complained that his tummy was upset and within a couple of hours he was puking.  Only an hour after that, I started puking. There were times both bathrooms upstairs were being used at the same time. In between trips to the bathroom, I was up nursing Ryder.  I am sure I didnt' get any sleep at all. Come morning, I felt less like puking, but not 100%. I had to get up though, cause I am the Mom and that's what mom's do.
That was the LONGEST, Hardest day of my life with Ryder so far and it had nothing to do with him.   It was not fun being the Mom when I felt like I wanted my own to take care of me!!

All the puking we did made me think about puking and some of the memories that go along with it. My first memory of puking has me under the age of 8. I remember that I went to bed with my pyjama top on inside out and when I woke up, I was sick.  I remember being convinced that wearing your clothes inside out makes you puke.

I remember another time again, I must have been pretty young, when in our one bathroom home, I had to barf, but someone was in the bathroom. Everyone yelled at me to puke in the kitchen sink, but there were dishes in there and I just couldn't make myself barf on the dishes so instead I puked all over the floor right in front of the bathroom door.  Mom and Dad were NOT happy with me.

When we were kids and we were sick, we'd stay home from school. Mom would bring blankets to the couch where she'd lay us down so we could watch TV. She'd put a towel down the side of the couch, to protect it incase we missed the puke bucket (a 4 gallon ice cream pail) she'd placed on the floor beside us. Still to this day, I want my Mommy to come take care of me, like she did back then, whenever I'm really sick.

As I got older, I puked less and less often. I don't know if, as adults we just don't get the flu as often or we just dont' get it to the point where we puke, like we did when we were small kids. The older we get the more our puking is self inflicted, eating things on dares, drinking too much, getting punched in the guts,  working out too hard, or being pregnant.  In fact the  last time I puked this much was when I was in labour! Either way, puking is gross. I am going to stop writing about it, cause just thinking about it this much is making me feel nauseous!  Here's hoping Marty and I are never sick at the same time ever again!!

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