Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It is December 21st means that Ryder turned 9 months old, yesterday! I can hardly believe that my little plumpkin is soon going to be a "toddler" and not a baby anymore!! He is already changing sooo much. We "Skyped" with my sister in Colorado the other day, and she pointed out that Ryder now has a neck.  Yep, he is leaning out. This was confirmed at our 9 month check up where the doc said he is in the 90 percentile for height now and only the 75th for weight. He still weighs 22.6 lbs which is about how much he weighed last time I weighed him.  He still has his endearing chubby cheeks and rolly poley wrists and ankles, but he is definitely leaning out.  Contributing to his leaning out, is his incessant desire to walk, which at this stage, involves me holding his fingers and "walking" with him EVERYWHERE!!!  (How come I am not leaning out like him?? Ha ha!!)
Ryder loves "outside." Everytime I pull out his "starfish" suit (that's what Marty calls his snowsuit), he and Scout go nuts! They both start squealing, Ryder kicks his legs with delight and Scout circles and circles until we're all dressed, ready to head out.  

Ever since Ryder discovered he could stand, (with the help of something to lean on,) he hates to sit!  I have actually filled big rubber made tubs with heavy books (so Ryder can't pull them over) and placed them all over the house so that Ryder can pull himself up, stand and lean on them.  I put toys on top of them. He'll stand there all day...not that I'd ever let him, he he!!  He likes standing against fences too....

His 8th month was a huge month for Ryder. He learned so many new skills, big skills! He pulled himself to his knees for the first time at the end of November.  He took care of his Mom and Dad while they were both puking their guts out.  He took his first steps independent of Me with the help of a table that he pushed across Mom's livingroom floor.  He pulled himself to standing and he sat up by himself in his crib for the first time.  Month 7 was a tough one for us. Ryder's second tooth caused all kinds of sleepless nights for both of us and his "mama" only thing caused all kinds of sore muscles for me (he is a heavy dude to carry around 24/7.)  Month 8? Month 8 has been one of the most fun so far!  Ryder has been a happy, smiley, make me laugh out loud kinda guy!!
 This si a toy he is learning to push across the floor. He hasn't figured out how to "ride it" yet, but I like to see if he can....

 Standing at his "tubs of fun."

 Ryder loves to stand at the patio door and lick the windows.  (Yep that is a piece of moose carcass on the deck...)
 Fun in a box!

 Just being cute in my winter coat.

 Ryder loves Scout. She loves him too and is sooo patient with him, while he grabs her eyes, ears and lips. 

 Ha ha! Dad is funny!!

 Riding in the sled for the first time out at the farm.


 Kisses for "Uncle Dirt"

 Always happy to be on the move!

Doing laundry with Dad.

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Nicole said...

Is that hair I see on his head?? Can't wait to squeeze his cheeks in two more sleeps :)