Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa's Anonymous

Monday night, I joined the "Fire Fighter's Wives" on their mission to wrap toys for Edmonton's under priveledged in Santa's warehouse.  My sister, Nic, had gotten a group of friends (other Fire Fighter's wives) together to volunteer their time for Santa's Anonymous.  They needed one more "wife" and since I was in town that day, she recruited me, even though I am actually a Bacardi Rum Sales Rep wife.  LOL  Anyway, we all met at a warehouse in Edmonton's industrial area where 630 Ched (radio station) headquartered the big toy wrap.  The warehouse was filled with bins and bins of donated toys. Our assignment was to "shop" through the bins for a child of a designated age group (girl 3-5 years) (boy 7-9) etc... We had to find one primary gift, one or two secondary gifts, a reading book and a craft or game. We wrapped the whole stack of gifts as one package and labled it with the gender and age. The gifts were then put into carts and wheeled to the back where they were sorted into groups to be delivered closer to Christmas.  

Bins of donated toys. I "shopped" here then brought my perfect gift package to Nic, who wrapped and labled it.

Nic and Jackie. They wrapped, I "shopped."

Check out the giant rolls of wrapping paper and the giant "stuffy" Tanis is about to wrap!

I fished this big guy out of a bin. Nic had to wrap it with the other gifts I had selected. Not easy to wrap something like this without a box....good thing Nic is creative....

She used zippy ties to tie his feet to his ears so he was more squishable..and a little more obscene! LOL

The "Fire Fighter Wives!"

We spent three hours together, "shopping," wrapping and sharing holiday spirit! It felt good being a part of this project. Thanks, Nic for organizing your "team" and for including me!!  Let's do it again next year!!

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Nicole said...

Thanks for joining us johny! So glad this post has nothing to do with puke :)