Monday, July 5, 2010


Poor Scout. She is lost! We have been in our new house for 5 days now and Scout still has not really figured out where the hell she is! Here I thought she'd be so excited to have a whole yard, a big yard all to herself. I thought she'd play and play and run and be free and happy. I thought she'd love having a bigger house, with more places for her to hang out, but we have both learned that size really doesn't matter!!
Scout only really likes to be in the yard, if we are out there with her. Inside the house, she only wants to be right under our feet. To her, all that matters is being wherever we are! We could live in a cardboard box and Scout would be happy as long as Marty and I were there with her.
Wow, seems like we could all learn a little something from dogs eh?

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