Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love Halloween! I love the candy and I love the costumes! I love that no matter how much money you have doesn't matter when it comes to Halloween, what matters is imagination!  I teach in an Affluent area of the city and the costumes at our school's costume parade were amazing! Quite a few of them expensive, store bought ones, but there were also some fantastic homemade ones and those were the ones I appreciated.  I knew that someone's Mom and Dad had put their heads together to come up with a creative, unique costume.  I could relate. Our family spent the week or so before Halloween staring at garbage bags, trying to imagine the costume possibilities they held.  I am not sure why Dad's material of choice for costume creating were garbage bags, but they were.  We never questioned his methods either, for we knew, with a few adjustments those garbage bags would become a costume we'd wear on a quest for Candy!

Who knew garbage bags held so many possibilities??? 

I will admit that now that I am older, I purchase my costumes.  While, I cannot bring myself to buy pre-made costumes, I still love the process of imagining and creating a costume, I do go to the thrift shop to buy the componants for my costumes.  
Nic and Troy have always had a big Halloween party at their house, one where costumes are mandatory and themes help direct the creative process.  With them out of the country, this year was the first time in a long time that I did not have Halloween plans.  I dressed up as a black cat for school (that's what I love about being a teacher, even if I have no "adult" plans, I still get to celebrate fun days like this,) but I couldn't imagine not dressing up on the 31st.  In the end, we went to a friend's house to watch the hockey game. Ofcorse since we were leaving our house, we considered it a party and decided to dress up.  I'll admit, I recycled one of my costumes from a previous Farn Halloween Party, the theme had been disco (70's).  Marty has had the same mullet wig for years.  He put together an 80's rocker outfit for our Hocky Game watching night.


There was no way we could leave Scout at home for Halloween, why should she miss all the fun? She, as yu can imagine, loved her bikini, "Beach Babe" costume.  Ha ha!!!!