Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Do you know what a "kong" is? It's a dog toy / treat dispenser. Scout has one. Hers is red, rubber and in the shape of a cone. After long runs, exhausting play times, or when I just want some peace and quiet, I will fill the hole of the kong with peanut butter and watch as Scout spends the next 15minutes trying to suck the sticky stuff out. She loves this treat and I love the laughter I get out of watching her enjoy that treat. Today, though, I was horrified to realize a flaw in my kong filling system. See, I take a butter knife out of the drawer, stick it in the jar of peanut butter, stick the whole knife into the hole where I scrape of the peanut butter, then, well, then I stick that knife BACK into the jar!! Ewwww!!!!!! It just hit me today, two thirds of the way through the jar, that I double dip the peanut butter knife. I double dip it into the jar, the same jar I use to get peanut butter for my toast, then double dip it into the kong, the same kong that my dog, who licks herself and everything else in sight, sticks her tongue into!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!
PS Don't tell Marty!

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