Monday, May 11, 2009


Spent last week (Monday-Friday) in Quebec city with 37 grade 7 and 8 students, 4 other staff members and 6 parents. This was not only my first time in Quebec city, but it was my first major overnight night trip with students. I sit here on my couch, one week after the day we left, exhausted!!!! Exhausted, proud, happy and sad! Exhausted, becuase we had 5 jam packed days, each beginning at 6am and ending at 11pm. Me in charge the whole time!!! Proud, because my students were amazing!!! They were respectful, enthusiastic, and awesome the whole time!!!! Happy because I strengthened my relationship with the students, got to know some staff members and parents better and had the opportunity to use my French as I was the only French speaking person on our trip! Sad, because the trip had to end and I had to say good-bye to an amazing tour guide, a cute security guard and hanging with students in a non-classroom setting. We got to bike by the river, walk across a suspension bridge over a waterfall, go on a scavenger hunt and a dance cruise, dined at several restaurants, shopped in Old Quebec, soaked up Canadian history and laughed and laughed and laughed! The worst thing the kids did was drink too much Red Bull. This energy drink caused a couple of students to suffer major Red Bull hangovers! They experienced upset tummies, headaches and dehydration. I am sure no one will drink another Red Bull for a long time, after seeing one of the boys puke on the bus and then have to miss the dance. I'll admit, we may have led the kids to believe the Red bull was responsible for his discomfort, however we'll call in Natural Consequence and Lesson learned!!
It is hard to be back in the classroom, in reality, but I have posted photos of the trip on the window of my classroom so that we can all enjoy the memories!

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