Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ahhh, Spring Break is over!! Hard to believe that the week went by sooo quickly! Now, tonight, I can sit here and dread tomorrow morning, Monday, the day spring break is officially over, or I can sit here and live and relive the memories of all the Spring Break Excitement!!
First Nic and Troy climbed Cotopaxi, the whole thing + or - 79m!!!! I wasn't there to cheer them on, but I was there in spirit!
Then Aim and Shane got married on Kauai in Hawaii! I did get to be there for that, and it was beautiful!!
Next Mom rode in a Johnathan Fields horsemanship clinic. She got me a day pass so I could come watch. Not only did I learn alot, but I got to watch the amazing partnership between mom and Maverick flourish!!
Finally, Marty and I got to spend 7 days together celebrating the fact that we didn't have to work!!!!!!
I have posted pics so that the smiles of my family can be shared. The only current photos up here are of the wedding, but I posted one of mom and Maverick and one of Nic and Troy from my archives........

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