Thursday, April 16, 2009


A couple got married on the beach today
The bride and groom, each wore a flower lei.
The venue was the open air by the ocean, on the sand
There, on the shore they stood, hand in hand.
The love between them, you couldn't help but see,
Everything was perfect like it was meant to be!
In the wind, the bride's hair and dress did romantically ,blow
Behind the mountain there even appeared a rainbow!
The ceremony was beautiful, perfect for the pair
I couldn't help but stand and stare.
The officiant blessed the couple "Island style"
While the photographer captured every tear, every smile.
I watched as the groom kissed his bride
Then followed them as they walked through the sand side by side
I smiled knowing that for them a new journey had begun
one that would last long after the wedding day was done!

Congrats Aim and Shane!
PS: I didn't post any wedding photos as Aim and Shane are still on vacation and I want Aim to be the first one to share her photos. One pic is of the bride and groom to be and the bride and me!!!!

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