Sunday, December 14, 2008


Marty and I were going to go to Edmonton this past weekend to spend a day with mom, and to go to the Oilers' game, but Friday it snowed. It snowed a lot!! There were severe winter storm warnings broadcasting on all of the radio and TV stations and by the time school had let out for the day, the police were advising against travel on the main highway between Calgary and Edmonton! Now Marty and I, we are Canadians, we have been living with crappy winter driving conditions for over thirty years, however there is a fine line between letting the weather dictate your life and being dumb enough to believe it can't dictate your life. Though, we both really wanted to go to Edmonton, we decided not to tempt fate by driving on the icy roads. Instead we "hunkered down" and waited out the storm inside our warm, festive livingroom! We pulled the craft table up to the couch, poured some irish cream, filled a bowl with nuts and bolts, lit the fire place, turned on the Christmas tunes and wrote Christmas cards. Scout nestled in between us and knawed on a rawhide bone. Though I was dissapointed not to be up in Edmonton with mom and Nic, I actually felt pretty happy there on the couch with the snow falling outside the window, surrounded by my own little family! :)
It stayed ridiculously cold all weekend, and the novelty of cuddling on the couch eventually wore off. Scout and I got very feeling very housebound, but one walk down the street and back quickly reminded us why we were staying inside!!!! I sit here typing this tonight hoping the cold hangs in just one more day, just long enough for school to be cancelled.....a girl can hope can't she??
Here's hoping you are staying warm on your own couch cuddled up to something warm and cute!

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