Monday, December 29, 2008


Have you ever seen a more angelic bunch?  

We got Tucker when times were sad,
To cancer, we had just lost our dad.
 Tucker, all furry and black,
 Gave us all our smiles back.
We had someone to fill the empty space,
someone who licked kisses on every face.
For loving us through the pain felt in our family,
Tucker will always be an angel to me!

Duke came as a Christmas mystery
a gift of love for Troy he was meant to be.
But his freckly nose and his wicked farts
quickly won over everyone's hearts.
He has grown to be a giant who's gentle and kind
athletic and loyal with a super sharp mind.
The way he gives the Farns and mom unconditional love
I gotta believe he's an angel from above!

Scout came to us just because, 
and she brings us happiness like nothing else does!
Her tongue licks at warp speed
and on the carpet she has peed,
but that's what adorable puppies do
 and it won't stop us from loving her too!
For cuddling with everyone all the time
Scout qualifies as an angle of mine!

Jasper wasn't here to celebrate this time around
and though he pees when you make a high pitch sound,
he loves to chase his ball and swim for sticks
in fact he's got a wide array of tricks.
He'll follow a mountain bike for miles
and lick your face until it's covered in smiles.
He's a protector, sleeping at the foot of the bed,
and for that reason he's an angel in my head!

This season, whenever a bell rings,
I am sure one of our puppies gets their wings!

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Country Girl said...

J - you are so talented!