Thursday, December 4, 2008


You know those jobs, those chores, the ones you hate to do? I call them "hate jobs." Think about it, everyone has a list, at least a little list of "hate jobs." We all hate chores like; cleaning toilets, doggy poop and projectile vomit. But most lists include more than just the normal, obvious things. Most lists include obscure chores, things you don't have to do often, but when you do, you HATE them! I was reminded of my list just a few minutes ago, when I began the process of stuffing my duvet back into it's freshly washed cover. This is a job I HATE!!! Luckily, ever since I moved in with Marty, I have avoided doing this job. Tonight though, he went to the Metallica concert and forgot to tell me that he had washed the sheets (yay Marty for doing laundry) but had forgotten to take them out of the dryer and put them BACK ON THE BED (boo Marty!) I cussed all the way down the stairs, all the way to the dryer and all the way back to the bedroom. The whole process is awkward, my arms always seem to short, my vertical always seems too little and my patience is always minimal!
I grabbed the corners of the duvet cover, scrunched up the rest of the cover, stuffed the duvet itself into the corners of the cover, jumped up on the bed and held the duvet corners, newly covered by the cover and shook the whole thing over the end of the bed until the cover slid down over the duvet. Ofcorse it only slid part way down, I had stuffed the duvet in sideways. Grrrrr! I HATE this job.
"Hate" is a strong word, that's what my mom always says, so I don't just throw it around. There are not too many chores on my "Hate Jobs" list, but here are a few of them:

Putting the duvet cover on the duvet-frustrating!
Taking down the Christmas tree and decorations-depressing!
Weed Whacking long grass near gravel and shale-ouch!
Scraping grease off cookie sheets-who doesn't use foil for messy projects???? Grrrr!

There are lots of chores I dont' like doing, but these top my list of "HATE JOBS!" How about you, what's on your list?

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