Sunday, November 4, 2012


Halloween!!! Phew! I survived the week of Halloween as a K-8 Teacher!! The anticipation of sugar is almost as crazy as the sugar high itself!!! Yikes!!! I will admit, that in order to keep up with the energy and excitement of my students, I had to indulge in plenty of sugar myself!!!
I do love the whole, Halloween experience, the dressing up, the candy, the spooky, the pumpkins and the black cats!!
This Halloween, Marty and I even got to dress up together for a Halloween party, something we love to do, but havn't done for a while.  I went with some friends as "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and Marty and his buddy, went as the guys from Duck Dynasty, the TV show. 

 One of the Turtles showed up late to the party, so she's not in this pic.

This year, we decided to take Ryder Trick or treating.  I figured we'd hit up a couple of the neighbour's houses and call it a night, but Ryder really got into it!! We had a friend and his little three year old daughter with us, so Ryder had a Trick or Treating expert to learn from. It didn't take him long to catch on. He'd always yell something on the porch at the door when Hayden did, though, I am pretty sure it wasn't Trick or treat!! He'd always say, "Thank you," though usually not until after the door was already shut and he'd scream if we had to empty his little pumpkin bucket a little so it wasn't so heavy.  He definitely knew there should be candy IN it!! We all bundled up as it was damn cold and foggy and damp that night, but we were all too excited to notice whether or not we were cold!  We lasted an hour, just doing our street.  I left a bowl of candy on our porch with a note saying, "take a few, but please leave some for those who come after you." I certainly was NOT gonna miss out on Ryder's first trick or treating adventure.  We hit up a few houses with bowls and notes on the porch too..not as fun as when someone opens the door, but I get it, those parents didn't want to miss out either!!! :)
 Just getting warmed up for the evening's events....putting stickers on my bucket

 Yep, there's a full snow suit on under that Lion costume!

 Got my bucket and I'm ready to go!!

 First, a warm, indoor, photo op with Hayden, the night's Trick or Treating expert.

 What? It get's better than a plastic handle? Candy, you say???

 Just heading out. Yep, Trick or Treating in Alberta, brrrrr

 Cutest little lion butt!

 October 31st, right? NOT December?? lol

 Trick or Treat!!!

 I got this!!!

 Nothin' like a little ride. That bucket gets kinda heavy!!

 Eating on the road!!!

As far as Ryder knows, there were only 2 suckers in his bucket. That's all he ate and that's all he's ever asked for!! Yummmy.  
So, whose eating the rest??? I'll never tell.....ha ha hah ha!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't be afraid to enjoy a mini chocolate bar or two, or three, or.....

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Cute little lion!! Love it!