Monday, October 17, 2011


Took Ryder swimming today. We went to the public pool for the first time. I actually HATE swimming and figured the swimming thing would be Marty's job, but, Marty is busy working. I want to make sure we keep getting him in the water while he is a baby so maybe he won't hate swimming as much as me. We had a few opportunities this summer to get him in Lakes and outdoor pools but with the end of summer comes the end of outdoor swimming., I decided to take him to the indoor pool just a few minutes drive from our house. I'd never been there before. I can't remember the last time I went to a pool just to "frolick." Anyway, we walked in at 2pm, public swim time. There were only 4 other people there and we were the only 2, under 50 years old in the place. Thank God, as I may have majorly underestimated the still ginormous size of my boobs!! Yikes! I had brought this string bikini to wear but it turns out the top was WAY to small for the parts I expected it to cover!! I promised myself that if my assets actually stayed hidden beneath the tiny spandex triangle, I would buy a tankini or a more "momish" suit to wear at the public pool next time!!
Ryder and I had the shallow end to ourselves. The lifeguard threw some toys in the water and he and I splashed and floated and chewed on pool toys for half an hour. I even dunked him three times. He didn't even cry once and my nipples didn't get out of my top, so I too left the pool without shedding any tears!
Day 1 of public swim: SUCCESS!!!


Nicole said...

Jeanne, this is why I write about you and your lack of filter. love it :)

Country Girl said...

I'm still thinking a cleavage post would be priceless. How often do you get implant size boobs naturally?? Flaunt it while you've got it! ;)