Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today, Ryder turned 7 months old. 7 months old!!!! He has grown cuter, louder and happier everyday! He now recognizes, Marty, Scout and I. He can giggle, eat mushed up "real" food, bathe in a tub, walk while holding our fingers for support, reach for things...(favorites include, the dog's water, my hair, Marty's nose, the remote and anything else he is NOT supposed to have.) He can anticipate rymes and enjoys story time. He can sit infront of the fridge and pull all the magnets off and he can fill a diaper to the brim!!! He probably could sleep through the night, but both he and I are in a habit (that we both secretly like) of getting up at least once to spend time rocking in the dark nursery, just he and I.
I cannot believe 6 whole months have gone by so quickly. I cannot believe that 7 months ago today, I became a MOM!! This is the BEST job I have ever had!!

As a 6 month old, Ryder....

...went on his first hike in the big backpack,

had a naked photo taken of himself and his dog,

...went to his first NHL hockey game,

...started eating baby food

..had to start wearing tuques to keep that bald head warm,

....ate his first hunk of cooked steak,

...went swinging with Dad,

....tried to "ride/eat" Scout,

...hung out a lot with his BFF, Scout!

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Country Girl said...

He is beautiful. You've won the baby lotto!