Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's real! It's really, really, real!!! There is defiantely a "mini-me" growing inside of me! Today, I heard the heart beat! From somewhere in my uterus came the sound of galloping horses. I could hear it loud and clear! My eyes filled with tears and a huge smile spread across my face. The galloping horses, the med students holding the doppler, explained, was the sound of little mini-me's heart beat! How cool is that? Mini me's heart beat sounds like galloping horses????

Most of my friends who are expecting, or who have recently had babies, were sick with morning sickness, proof that they were indeed pregnant. I, thankfully, have not had one day of morning sickness, however, I sort of felt...jealous! Since week 6 or 7, when I had my first ultra sound to make sure the baby was in the right spot, I have not had an ounce of proof that the little "mini me" is still there. To top it off, as word gets around that I am expecting, people keep telling me that I don't even look pregnant! I've had sore boobs and my pants are getting tight, but apparently no one else notices this... Today though, today, I got proof!

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karen said...

DesRochers women have super-duper pregnancies... it's genetic.