Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Normally, I shower in the evening, but the other day, I ran out of evening. I woke up earlier than normal, turned the hot tap on all the way and hopped into the steam. I was running my fingers over my face through my hair, when I noticed the blood. NOt a little, but a lot of blood! Before I could figure out where the blood was coming from, the walls of the shower were covered with it, blood was running down my body, and it was pooling on the bottom around my feet. My shower was honestly was starting to look like the scene of a violent crime! Eventually, I discovered that the blood was coming from my....nose! It was the most unreal, unstoppable nose bleed I have ever had!! I ended up having to get out of the shower, drip across the floor to the kleenex box, where I stood over the sink bleeding relentlessly as goosebumps covered my naked body! Yes, I was thankful the blood was coming from my nose and not anywhere else, especially considering I am "expecting," but this was something I had not factored into my carefully calculated "getting ready for work" time. Half a box of Kleenex later, the nose bleed stopped and I was able to finish my shower. I had read that nose bleeds are common during pregnancy and this was my fourth one. None of the others had been this bad and it grossed me out!!!
Standing over the bathroom counter waiting for each kleenex to be saturated with the blood in the nostril it was shoved up, I thought back to my first memorable nose bleed.....

It was grade 6 and I remember it vividly. It was the night of our first "Family Dance" at school. I was soooo excited about this dance that I even remember what I was wearing. I wore a pink tank top, and some fancy fluorescent bermuda shorts that my mom had made for me. My hair was in an awesome side pony tail and I was ready to hit the dance floor, but....we walked into the gymnasium and the nose bleed started! I spent most of that night in the bathroom begging the blood to stop pouring from my nose. I must have missed all of the dance, because the only memory I have of that night, is of the bathroom, bummmmmer!!!

Anyway, other than a couple of bloody noses, I have been feeling great! No nausea, no morning sickness, I mean I really can't complain!!! But I do carry kleenex everywhere with me now!!

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