Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ryder and I just spent 5 days at Mom's. Damn, I miss being in the country. I miss the quiet, I miss the dark, I miss the animals and heck, I miss Mom! :)
Ryder, it turns out, might have a little country in him too, despite spending the first year of his life in the city.  He couldn't get enough of the horses, or spending time in the barn.  He'd wake up in the morning saying, "horse, horse" and he wouldn't stop saying it or grabbing our fingers, leading us to the barn, until he went to bed at night! He loved feeding the horses treats. He'd dig into the treat bucket pull out as many treats as he could carry and walk over to the horse with his hand held out. Adorable!!!
Ryder is also into hugging. He is a very affectionate, cuddly kid. His hugs sometimes involve arms, but mostly just him leaning his head in to lean on whomever he is hugging whether it be another kid, an adult or an animal.  He was not afraid to hug the horses. Again, adorable!!

 Kissing Mom's horse, Maverick. 
Mom calls him, Mavy, for short. Ryder thinks his name is "mammy."

 Waitin' for his ride, wearing Gramma's helmet. Yep, it's time to get him his own, one that fits.

 Lookin' for Scout.

 Ridin, Maverick with Gramma.

 Scout wouldn't leave Ryder's side, as you can see. She was right "instep" with Mav.

 Helpin' Gramma catch the horses, they were in the yard, grazing.

 Ridin', Bobby, Nic's horse, bareback. Ryder can say, Bobby, but it sounds an awful lot like how he says, "puppy" so I am not sure if he knows the difference....

 Hugs for Bobby!

 Feedin' more treats.

We did more than just mess around with the horses during our visit.  We went to the pool where, Ryder insisted on doing the waterslides by himself, even the tube one!!  Ryder's saw his first parade, we attended a BBQ where there were plenty of other children for Ryder to hug and we visited friends.  We had a great time at "Gramma's" house, but I think, Ryder would agree with me when I say, the horses were our favorite part!


Country Girl said...

What awesome memories! Adorable!

Nicole said...

I hope one day Ryder wants to hug his Auntie Dic instead of running away! haha. He did pick the best horse for hugging though, so that's a start :).