Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am taking some advice I heard at a horse clinic on the weekend and applying it to the shitty weather we are experiencing.
About a horse that really challenges you, one that you swear you can't stand, the clinician says you should "find something about it that you like (even his ears, his color or the fact that he is male, or she is female) and build on it."
Well, that's what I am trying to do with this weather, find something I like about it and build on it until I convince myself that I do like it. Here's what I kind of like about snow in April, almost May:
-No one is on the road, I drove right into the bay at Mr. Lube (first time ever I didn't have to wait in line)
-I got to turn on my fire place and cuddle with my puppy (Marty is stranded at airport in Vancouver, but I am not focusing on what I hate about this weather)
-Uh....I guess that's it, 2 reasons. I will build on those. In theory, next time I write I should be loving winter in April, almost May!!!!

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