Monday, July 13, 2009


Scout had her first day of summer school today. We decided to sign her up for Reliable Recall Class. Every Monday, all summer long, along with her classmates, Jersey (8 months old and even more ADD than Scout ever was), Turbo (1.5 year old, yappy weiner dog), Jax (older retriever, there only because he is too lazy to actually get up to "come" to his owner) and Ava, (some kind of super squirmy hound dog, also 8 months old), Scout (11month old adorable, gorgeous, hyper, happy, super licker) will attend classes guarenteed to teach them to COME BACK TO THEIR HUMANS!!!!!
Last Friday, Marty and I went biking. We took Scout with us and she joyfully galloped along side us for the whole loop. It wasn't until we were loading the bikes onto the bike rack that Scout left our sides. She started out of the parking lot and Marty called her. She looked at him, but continued to slowly move towards the road. He kept creeping towards her and as he did she continued to retreat. Marty, recognizing that he was being sucked into her "chase me" game, quit moving and just as he was about to lock eyes with her, a deer came out of the bush. Now, Scout has seen plenty of Deer while hanging with Uncle Dirt and I and she has never chased them...very far, EVER! Friday, though, she took one look at the deer, one look at Marty and BOLTED!!!! She took off running, like I have never seen! She didn't look back, not even once, which is out of character for her. Marty called and called and I could start to hear panic in his voice. I left the bikes and hurried towards the road, but I was too late, she had just followed the deer, at top speed into the bush! We heard a yelping sound and nothing else. I went into full panic mode, starting towards the bush in my flip flops. Marty raced back to get his bike and took off down the road. We scoured the bush for 30 minutes, calling and calling for Scout. Eventually she came to Marty, exhausted like I have never seen! I wiped the tears of fear from my eyes and hugged and kissed her. I seriously thought she was gone forever!
Now that she is back, we intend to keep her coming back! We cooked up a bunch of hot dogs, cut them into tiny pieces (to use for treats) and headed off to summer school today! Here's hoping that by the end of August, Scout will be a successful graduate of "Really Reliable Recall" class! Keep your fingers crossed!!

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